Thursday, May 26, 2016

Safer Window Tinting

With all of the auto thefts these days, more and more people are considering and reconsidering better car safety. While many automatically go for the alarms and camera systems, they may not consider doing anything with their Austin window tint. One thing that I think is worth a look is to check into car window tinting.

I am sure you have heard about or seen these tints on various cars. While they have a reputation for things like looking cool or keeping the sun out, they can actually be used as security measure. If you think about it, blocking the window's visibility may deter people from spotting things left in your car and trying to break into it to get them.

In general, these tins are on the darker side of the spectrum, and while that does help with things like cooling the car down, it makes it very hard or almost impossible to see what is clearly inside the car, if anything at all. However, some thieves, known as "smash and grab thieves" like to try to break into a car no matter what. The good news is that the special security tints in these cars can hold shattered glass together if they try, which can make it take much longer and take more effort to completely break into it. This can be a real deterrent to these kinds of thieves.

I would consider these safety tints. I think they could make for a safer car. When paired with the other auto safety systems, I think it can make a car much safer.

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